Going on vacation this summer? We'll take care of your cat

May 22, 2024

White cat with black and brown spots, sleeping on its back with its paws up

Few things are as freeing as a summer getaway, but if you’ve got a cat, you might have some concerns about how they’ll cope with your absence. Cats are often portrayed as antisocial loners, but those of us who love them know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our feline friends enjoy our company and their routine. A lengthy vacation could disrupt their sense of security and leave them feeling anxious. At Cozy Cat Suites cat boarding in Herndon, we’ve got you and your cat covered with worry-free boarding options.

Conveniently Located

At Cozy Cat Suites, we love cats. Our president grew up on her family’s farm, and her lifelong love of animals inspired her to create Cozy Cat Suites. Every aspect of our facility has been designed to give cats a peaceful, spa-like getaway when their owners are away. We are cats-only, so your kitty will never encounter potentially unsettling noises and smells that other animals can bring. Instead, your cat will be pampered and loved in a facility designed with their needs in mind.

We’re conveniently located in the Safeway Plaza in Herndon, VA with easy access to Dulles Airport.

Peace of Mind

Many options for watching your cat are available, but they can have drawbacks. Kennels, for example, often confine cats to small cages in rooms filled with other cats or animals, which can be stressful. Leaving your cat at home and having someone check in periodically means your cat will still be alone for large portions of the time. If your cat is a senior or medically fragile, you likely have other concerns, too.

At Cozy Cat Suites, we offer spacious, fully “catified” suites where your furry family member can relax, snooze, play, and explore to their heart's content. We understand how much stress a cat can experience when their guardian is away, so we provide ample hiding spots and safe spaces in each suite. Your cat will never be confined to a small cage or crowded kennel but will instead have free run of their cozy suite and everything it contains.

Our cat-loving staff goes above and beyond to ensure your cat feels cozy and secure, too. We check their food and water regularly and can even provide for specific dietary or medical needs. We’ll make sure your cat gets exactly what they need when they need it. Litter boxes are cleaned regularly, and we address special needs appropriately and with as much care as if your cat were our own.

Comfortable and Private Cat Suites

No cat is ever kenneled or caged here at Cozy Cat Suites. Each will have a private suite with not just space but also comfy napping spots, climbing areas, toys, and secure hidey-holes to meet their varied needs. You’ll enjoy 24/7 webcam access to monitor your cat’s experience and rest easy knowing that your cat is being loved and cared for just as you would. If you have a scaredy cat who is shy or even a little anxious, our staff will go the extra mile to ensure they feel safe and happy using a variety of tools and tricks. We take the time to nurture them and ensure they feel secure no matter what. Your kitty might even come home feeling more social since they’ve left their comfort zone and explored new horizons in a safe, controlled environment.

At Cozy Cat Suites cat boarding in Herndon, we welcome pre-boarding visits. You can explore our facility, talk to our staff, and check out some of our available suites. We will work with you on any special needs your cat has and help you find the best solution for their stay with us. Give us a call to learn more!