The new cat boarding and grooming facility in town

January 22, 2024

We’re so excited to announce the opening of Cozy Cat Suites! This premier cat boarding and grooming facility welcomes cats to stay as long as they need while their owner is away. We also offer full grooming services to care for essential health and hygiene needs in a safe, stress-free environment. Here’s what you need to know!

Our Cat Boarding Experience

Cats are often sensitive to any change in their environment, and they benefit from predictability in their surroundings, their people, and their habits. We understand the delicate balance we need to strike to ensure your cat feels safe, comfortable, and happy in our facilities. We’ve created a diverse group of suites that feel just like home and are committed to ensuring a safe, comfortable, happy experience. We want your furry family members to feel right at home when they stay with us.

Our Suites

We provide luxurious suites for our kitty visitors. Each suite is well-equipped with everything your cat will need during their stay, including furnishings, beautiful decor, toys, scratching furniture, and climbing or jumping spaces. Your cat will love exploring every cubic foot of space regardless of the suite you choose for their adventure.

Suite options include:

Forest Suites: This spacious suite offers more than 300 cubic feet of space with adorable jungle-themed decor, cat toys, and cozy nap spots. Your cat will have access to exterior windows from which they can monitor for birds and squirrels. The Forest Suite is just right for both bold adventurers and senior nappers.

Jungle Suites: Do you have a secretive house panther or stealthy fuzzball? Check out our Jungle Suites! Your cat will have more than 200 cubic feet of space filled with wavy palm scratching posts, cozy wildlife-themed climbing trees, and hidey-holes.

Beach Suites: Your cat will love stretching out and soaking up some sun in a brightly colored beach chair. At our Beach Suites, kitties can enjoy everything from comfy hammocks to airy wall hides while enjoying their little private island.

Garden Suites: Everything's coming up roses here in our garden suites, where your furry friend will get to enjoy the flowery decor, a sweetly petaled bed, ample climbing space, and a comfy windowsill where they can sit and watch the world go by.

Sushi Suites: Your fish-loving feline will adore our Sushi Suites, where they’ll have endless dreams of tuna, salmon, and more. The adorable sushi-themed decor will transport your own little “maneki-neko” right to the sunny, cat-loving islands of Japan.

Farm Suites: The little former barn cat in your life will find plenty of hiding spots, climbing spaces, and hunting grounds in our farm suites. With more than 200 cubic feet of farm-themed coziness, your cat will never feel bored.

City Suites: Imagine a Manhattan apartment with a sleek, chic style all its own. In this space, your mini tiger will be able to keep an eye on all the bustling busyness of the Big Apple. Forget “pizza rat”: Your cat will keep all the city critters under control here!

The Fine Print

During your cat’s visit with us, you can check in from anywhere in the world 24/7 via our private web cameras. We’ll keep an eye on your furry bestie, too, monitoring them constantly. Our team visits the suites a few times every day to play with them and give them that TLC they’ve been craving.

Our cat boarding in Herndon provides our guests with their preferred food and fresh water, and if your cat has any special needs, we’ve got them covered. Just let us know what they need when you book, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’ve got more than one cat, they can share a boarding suite so that they feel more comfortable and at home.

Our suites are competitively priced with a small fee for each additional cat.

Cat Grooming in Herndon

Cats are naturally tidy animals and usually do a great job keeping themselves clean, but occasionally grooming can help them stay cleaner and healthier. During a grooming session, our cat-loving groomers go the extra mile to make sure your cat feels comfortable and secure. We then pamper them with various options for cat grooming in Herndon, including nail trims, de-shedding, and trims, including sanitary trims, and note any changes that could signify potential problems.

Our Cozy Cat Suites facility is conveniently located in the Safeway Plaza in Herndon, VA. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to ensure your cat is safe, healthy, and happy or to book a stay with us!