Why Cozy Cat Suites and What to Expect

April 30, 2024

Cats enjoy their routine and find security in predictability. This can make it tough to find care for them when you have to travel whether for work or leisure. Cozy Cat Suites In Herndon, VA is the ideal solution. We’ve designed our suites to meet the needs of even the most persnickety kitties. We focus exclusively on cats and specialize in creating positive, stress-free experiences for your feline family members.

Boarding Your Cat: What to Know

A kennel can be quite overstimulating for the average cat. Cats don’t necessarily enjoy being surrounded by unfamiliar smells, sights, and sounds, and they can become stressed when out of familiar areas. For the best experience, a cat boarding facility should ensure cats have the privacy they need and the comfort they crave.

At Cozy Cat Suites, we go the extra mile to ensure your cat feels safe and secure. Cozy Cat Suites is a premier boarding and grooming facility designed exclusively for cats. We specialize in creating positive, stress-free experiences for your feline family members and have designed each suite with lots of cozy snoozing spots, perches high and low, and toys to keep them occupied.

Our suites are spacious, with 200 cubic feet or more of space where they can stretch out, relax, eat, drink, and play comfortably. Some of our suites even feature windows, allowing your cat to watch our Cozy Cat Suites’ “Daily Show,” featuring squirrels, birds, and other wildlife as they go about their own daily adventures.

Because we understand that multi-species boarding facilities can be stressful for felines, we focus entirely on cats. Your cat won’t encounter pups or other pets at our facility, and they’ll have their own private suite where they can stay as long as they need.

What to Expect from Cozy Cat Suites

At Cozy Cat Suites, our love of cats shines through in every detail and every suite. From our Forest Suites with dreamy green murals and moon-shaped cozies to our spacey Solar System Suite with galaxy-themed decor and rocket ship hideaways, each suite caters to your cat’s natural needs for jumping, climbing, exploring, and relaxing.

Our facility for cat boarding in Herndon offers everything your cat needs to feel right at home, including:

  • Drinking water fountains with constant flow
  • Premium cat litter
  • Daily play and enrichment
  • Personalized care that includes managing medications and special needs
  • Family-friendly suites for sibling cats or cat families to minimize disruptions

We’re committed to not just cats but also their people, providing you with 24/7 webcam access so that you can check in as often as needed to enjoy peace of mind, and you will receive daily reports so that you know how your kitty is doing.

Our cat-loving staff is there when you can’t be, offering enrichment activities, playtime, affection, and all the attention your cat needs to let their personality shine. If you’re looking for cat boarding in Northern Virginia, stop by and get to know us, or call to schedule your cat’s next stay with Cozy Cat Suites!